Is your pooch a doodle?

As long as your dog is matt free, they can have any cut you'd like. Fancy a teddy bear trim.. where the body and legs are all one length, legs are scissored in nicely to create an even shape and the hair on the head is a little longer than the body. A cute teddy face and trimmed tail?

Or do you like your dog to be short and even all over? This makes your dogs coat a lot more manageable at home and is perfect if your dog loves to explore puddles, grassy areas and get wet and mucky.

If you're unsure what you want, take a look at the pictures on my facebook page for inspiration.


Doodles, cockerpoos, cavapoos, any poodle cross should be groomed every 6-8 weeks, depending on the style you choose.


Is your dog short haired?

Short haired dogs include french bulldogs, pugs, beagles, labradors, english bulldog, etc.

Your dog should still have a good groom even if they have short hair.

A full groom for a short haired dog includes a bath, dry, really good deshed with deshedding tools to get rid of any dead hair, nail clip, ear clean and spritz of doggy perfume.

All dogs are bathed in natural, high-quality shampoo so they leave smelling and feeling clean and fresh.

Short haired dogs don't need grooming as often as other dogs, but I recommend bringing them every 12-16 weeks to keep their coat in tip top condition and to help with their shedding coats.


A different style?

Do you like your dog to have a breed standard cut, like a schnauzer cut or a westie cut? Do you like your cocker spaniel to be clipped short all over on one length or do you prefer for them to have a skirt and longer legs? Do you like your bichon fluffy and cute or short and sweet?

Here, at Paws Of Welwyn, I can groom your dog in any style you wish. How you want your dog to be groomed will be discussed when you drop your dog off, but if you'd like to chat beforehand please give me a call and I'll be happy to chat with you and look at any images you may have.

If your dog has any matting or knots, please be aware that this may effect how you want your pooch to look. Sometimes, it is impossible to save a matted coat, as we will never put a dog in pain by de-matting a large area. Your dog may need be clipped off short, but I will advise you how to maintain your dogs coat to keep it knot free so it can grow out nicely to the desired length.

How do you like your pooch groomed?