A little at a time is the best way to clip nails especially when you're unsure.

Dogs have small blood vessels inside their nails called the 'quick'. If you cut their nails too short, you could cut the quick and they can bleed or if you're just about to cut the quick you may see a little bit of clear/yellow liquid be released.

If your dogs nails are white or brown, you may be able to see the quick which is pink in colour. You want to make sure you cut about a mm in front of the quick or a couple of  mm if you're worried. If your dogs nails are black, just take a little at a time.

Normally the shape of your dogs nail is a good giveaway - if there's a point at the end and then it gets thicker, just take the point off. If your dogs nails are thick the whole way through, then they may not even need to be cut. If you're unsure, please send me some images of your dogs nails and I will be happy to show you where to clip.

Feel free to FaceTime me or send me photos of your dogs nails and I can advise you where to clip them.

Once lockdown is over, I will be able to resume normal services. Nail clipping is normally £8 at the salon.

Below is an image of the nail clippers I would recommend using.

nail clipping

Here is a diagram showing you where to clip your dogs nails.

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