Dog Grooming Services

Full Groom

This includes; a bath with natural Hownd shampoo, a blow dry, brush and comb out of all hair, styling to your requirements (clipping and/or scissoring), a nail clip, ear clean and spritz of cologne.


For a smooth or double coated dog the full groom includes deshedding of all dead hair and also any trimming with scissors if required.


Depending on the breed of your dog, a full groom should be done every 4-12 weeks.

Laura at Work grooming.jpeg

Puppy Groom

A new environment and experience is very daunting for a young pup which is why I offer puppy grooms. This introduces them to being groomed and includes light scissoring and clipping (for long haired breeds) to get them used to the different sensations and tools used during grooming.


This service includes a bath, dry, brush and comb out, clearing of the eyes, a tidy up of their feet, a hygiene clip (with clippers), nail clip, ear clean and a spritz of puppy cologne. Your pup can have their puppy groom 2 weeks after their second vaccination up until 6 months old or their first full groom (whichever comes first). The sooner they are introduced to grooming the better as grooming will be a regular part of their life.


Bath & Dry

This is exactly what it says! A bath and dry for your pooch. This is perfect for your dog in between their full grooms to keep them smelling fresh.

Nail Clip

All nails including dew claws are clipped. This service is not just for dogs, but for cats, rabbits and any animals that have nails!

Nail clipping is essential to keep your pets feet in tip top condition. Overgrown nails can cause bad posture and problems with walking, so ensuring they are regularly trimmed will prevent any issues.