Terms and Conditions

  • Contract

When leaving your dog with us for the first time, you will be required to fill out a contract with the groomer to obtain specific information such as vaccinations and flea and worm treatments being up to date, any medical problems, vet information, etc. For each subsequent appointment, it will be assumed that all information is up to date and it is down to the owner to inform the groomer if anything has changed medically or if there are any problems. All details of styling and clients requirements will be written down on the contract. When you leave your dog with us, you are signing to give your consent to us carrying out the groom discussed. If you are not happy with the groom please inform the groomer before leaving the salon.


  • Cancellations

Please give at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your dogs groom. If less than 48 hours notice is given, half the price of the service will be payable before your dogs next appointment. For unforeseen circumstances, a cancellation charge will be down to the groomers' discretion.


  • Picking up late

Please ensure you collect your dog promptly. Appointments are one to one so no other dogs are in the salon with each other unless from the same family. This means that appointment slots are tight. The groomer will inform you of a pick up time and will also text 15 minutes before your dog is ready to ensure you arrive on time. If you are late, £5 will be added on to the price for every 15 minutes you are late. This is at the groomers discretion.


  • Matting

The groomer will only de-matt (remove knots with brushes, combs and a de-matting tool) for a maximum of 15 minutes in accordance with The Animal Health & Welfare Act 2006. If the matting is severe, your dog will need to be clipped/shaved off to relieve any discomfort. A matting fee (of £5-15 depending on severity) will apply as the dog will need to be clipped off before being bathed as bathing makes the matts tighter and therefore this can blunt equipment.


  • Unknown skin conditions/problems

Sometimes when a dog is clipped off due to matting, unknown skin conditions can be found underneath. You, as the owner, are responsible for getting your dog seen by a vet and any skin conditions uncovered by a clip off is not down to the groomer. After a clip off, your dog may experience redness, itchiness, irritation, and may bite, lick or scratch the area, etc but the groomer will advise you of this and how to deal with it.


  • Muzzles

Muzzles are rarely used in the salon but when a dog is showing signs of aggression, the groomer will use a properly fitted muzzle to keep your dog and the groomer safe.


  • Fleas

If a dog is found with fleas in the salon, an extra £10 will be charged on top of the services you receive to spray and decontaminate the salon. Flea shampoo can be used as an optional extra at a charge of £2. This will kill any adult fleas in your dogs coat. You will be contacted by the groomer during the grooming process if fleas are found to be notified of them and the extra cost.


  • Right to refuse

The groomer has the right to refuse any dog to be groomed, this is completely at the groomer’s discretion.


  • Images/videos of your dog

You, as the owner, give Paws of Welwyn permission to use any images or videos taken of your dog whilst in our care on our social media sites, such as Facebook and our website. These images/videos are used for marketing purposes only.